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Immediately after taking over Twitter and pronouncing himself “chief twit”, Elon Musk affirmed his commitment to safeguarding the platform as the “public square” where anything and everything is debated. It was a smart tactic, because it successfully diverted the public’s attention from what Musk is really up to
27 Nov 2022
From Russia’s war on Ukraine to the Sino-American rivalry, the world order is increasingly contested, and when value chains are global, a single disruption can reverberate across the planet. But retreating from interconnectedness is both unworkable and unnecessary
25 Nov 2022
Investors may need to strike a balance between strategic patience and tactical flexibility
23 Nov 2022
Semiconductors are certainly essential to a modern economy, and it makes sense to diversify sources. But it is doubtful that large subsidies and government management will keep US chip makers on top, much less that the new law should be used as a model for similar support to other industries
22 Nov 2022
Notwithstanding the risks posed by Russian aggression, China appropriately looms largest in the Biden administration's new National Security Strategy. Yet by eschewing an assertive free-trade agenda, the United States continues to give China an advantage in precisely the area where it is ascendant
22 Nov 2022
Concerns over Xi Jinping’s geopolitical ambitions and zero-Covid policy have put a damper on the Chinese stock and bond markets. Given growing anxiety about Xi’s domestic and foreign policies, global investors may want to reduce their exposure or be innovative about how they trade in, and with, China
20 Nov 2022
Governments and central banks in the US and Europe continue to insist that raising interest rates is the only way to tame soaring prices, even though it is abundantly clear that this approach is not working. The misguided over-reliance on rate increases will likely lead to economic disaster in low- and middle-income countries
17 Nov 2022
By putting climate action at the heart of their efforts to rebuild consensus and reinvigorate multilateralism, Asian countries can prop open the world’s window of opportunity to prevent climate disaster. They would also catalyze their own ability to benefit from the massive economic opportunities created by the green transition
15 Nov 2022
In hindsight, it is clear that central banks’ massive bond-buying programmes were a colossal mistake. But even at the time, some warned that they carried serious fiscal risks, which are now being realized as interest rates rise
10 Nov 2022
Countries from China to Sweden have a variety of rationales for seeking to modernize their payments technologies. Ultimately, however, central banks weighing whether to launch a digital currency must recognize that if they do, they can have confidentiality of transactions or financial stability, but not both
10 Nov 2022
Standard definitions of the metaverse underplay its disruptive and transformative potential. By seamlessly integrating “real” life and digital worlds, it creates a new level of interconnectivity – and major new opportunities for investors.
3 Nov 2022
Gone are the days when China could point to soaring real estate prices and rising incomes to justify endless new construction. China’s economic slowdown suggests that housing and office prices are headed for a steep fall that could take down banks and local governments, leading to prolonged stagnation
1 Nov 2022
The strengthening US dollar and rising borrowing costs have left developing and emerging market countries between a rock and a hard place. To insulate their economies from the greenback’s hegemony, policymakers must shed their illusions about international cooperation and impose constraints on cross-border capital flows
31 Oct 2022
What happened in the UK in recent weeks was nothing short of a political coup staged by professionals working in the financial markets.
27 Oct 2022