Regional House and Deal Awards

The Asset's annual Triple A recognition represents the industry's most prestigious awards for banking, finance, treasury and the capital markets. As the financial publishing group in Asia with the widest reach among Asian issuers and global institutional investors active in the region, The Asset takes particular care in producing its annual awards.

Issuers and investors, who constitute the bulk of The Asset's readership base, are consulted in the process either through the Asset Benchmark Surveys or in the course of the Triple A selection, their views and comments are taken into consideration and given weight in addition to the other selection criteria outlined below.

Following the completion of the submissions to The Asset Triple A Country Awards 2016, we are now seeking submissions for The Asset Triple A Regional House and Deal Awards 2016. The coverage period is calendar year 2017 (January 1 - December 31 2017).

Now on its 19th year, The Asset Triple A Regional House and Deal Awards 2017 will be recognizing excellence in financial advisory with different awards' categories and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance). For the house and deal awards, do not include your performance in Japan and Australia.

Please also take note of the following criteria:

  • Best bond house - include only G3-denominated bond transactions
  • Best emerging markets bond house - also refers to Best high yield bond house and include only sub-investment grade G3-denominated bond transactions
  • Best new bond deal - refers to a bond issuance by an inaugural issuer either in G3 or Asian local currency
  • Best debt house - include all debt products (ie, loans, bonds, ABS) both in G3 and Asian local currency. Please include liability management deals as well
  • Best adviser categories - include both announced and completed deals
  • Best M&A deal (domestic/cross-border) - submit only completed deals

There is no page limit for submissions. The deadline for submission is November 10 2017 and results will be published in the January 2018 issue of The Asset magazine and in

Our best wishes and looking forward to receiving your submissions.

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