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Maybank Kim Eng taps Smartkarma platform for private investors
Partnership offers timely market insights to help clients in their investment decisions
4 Jun 2021 | The Asset

Maybank Kim Eng Singapore has partnered with Smartkarma, an independent investment research provider, to make the latter’s online network available to clients to help them in their investment decisions.

Smartkarma’s Private Investor Solutions delivers personalized insight for private accredited investors or their trading representatives. Besides gaining access to timely insights, users benefit from real-time alerts on their portfolio, financial data and analytics, and events such as analyst presentations and roadshows.

The market research platform is already being used by over 200 global institutional investors and market participants with more than US$13 trillion in assets under management and quoted regularly by financial media.

Maybank Kim Eng Singapore chief executive officer Aditya Laroia says: “We recognize that investors are more sophisticated and informed today and want to be at the forefront of helping them invest and trade profitably by removing the disadvantages private investors face compared to institutional investors in terms of research access.

“We have seen a structural pickup in private participation across global markets including Singapore. With increased market participation, especially from millennials and Gen Z’ers, individuals take more control of their wealth creation, supporting retail momentum in equity markets when traditional investment assets such as property are being impacted by cooling and control measures. This investment knowledge and education will help to achieve better market efficiency and greater liquidity, plus information is a key component for well-functioning financial markets.”

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