Capital Group launches European Opportunities fund
Asset manager pursues ‘ambitious growth plans’ in Europe and Asia
22 Feb 2021 | The Asset

Capital Group has launched a new fund that offers access to industry-leading companies in Europe, expanding the asset management firm’s equity fund range for both European and Asian investors.

Structured as a Luxembourg-domiciled UCITS (Undertakings for the Collective Investment in Transferable Securities), the European Opportunities fund offers access to a strategy previously only available as a segregated account in Europe and Asia.  

The launch of the fund is part of the firm’s “ambitious growth plans in Europe and Asia”, says Alexandra Haggard, head of product and investment services for Europe and Asia, adding that it has launched 12 Luxembourg-domiciled funds over the past five years.

The companies it invests in are not primarily reliant on the health of the domestic European economy, but have a global client base which provides diversified revenue streams, Capital Group says.

The strategy has a 28-year track record of accessing sustainable global growth from distinctive European companies, having returned an excess of 3.8% per annum over the past five years, according to the firm.

Andy Budden, head of product and investment services for Asia-Pacific, says:  “Europe is home to leading companies whose profiles are difficult to find anywhere else in the world – luxury goods and online shopping are good examples. European Opportunities is a great example of the breadth and depth of our research capabilities, helping investors access European investment opportunities from a truly global investment perspective.”

Capital Group, based in Los Angeles, California, with assets under management of more than US$2.3 trillion, now has 30 registered Luxembourg-domiciled UCITS funds across equities, fixed income and multi-asset.