HSBC launches digital service for opening investment account
App allows customers to manage portfolio entirely on mobile
12 Oct 2020 | The Asset

HSBC has launched a digital service allowing personal customers in Hong Kong to open an investment account remotely anytime without visiting a branch of the bank. By simply logging on to the bank’s HK Mobile Banking App, eligible customers can complete the six-step procedure in a couple of minutes using their mobile phone, including submitting their address proof.

Once the investment account is activated, customers who completed the risk profiling questionnaire can access a wide range of investment products and services such as stocks, unit trusts, bonds, structured products or FlexInvest across all channels, including mobile, internet and phone banking, as well as through the bank’s Easy Invest app or retail outlets.

Says Sami Abouzahr, HSBC head of customer wealth, wealth and personal banking, Hong Kong: “With this new service, customers can now manage their wealth entirely on mobile – open bank and investment accounts, complete their risk tolerance assessment and invest in a range of products. They can also review their portfolios on the go with the dashboard on mobile banking.”

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