Natixis Investment Managers launches Vauban Infrastructure Partners
Launch of new affiliate dedicated to infrastructure equity investing enables Natixis Investment Managers to strengthen its alternative and real asset capabilities
6 Jun 2019 | The Asset

Natixis Investment Managers is planning to launch Vauban Infrastructure Partners, a new affiliate dedicated to infrastructure equity investing.

Vauban Infrastructure Partners will be established by transferring the current infrastructure team of Mirovainto a new specialized affiliate. The team currently manages 2.8 billion euros (US$3.15 billion) in assetsand will pursue its international growth as a stand-alone affiliate.

This marks another important step in the development of Natixis Investment Managers’ international alternative and real asset range following the launch in December 2018 of Flexstone Partners, a global private equity manager; the acquisition in June 2018 of MV Credit, a private debt specialist; and the launch in May 2018 of a co-investment offering - for real estate, infrastructure and aviation private debt – between its affiliate Ostrum Asset Management and Natixis’ Corporate & Investment Banking arm.

Vauban Infrastructure Partners will be led by Gwenola Chambon, who will be named CEO, and Mounir Corm, who will be named Deputy CEO, both founding partners, and will count a team of 35 highly experienced professionals. Over the last 10 years, the team has successfully raised five infrastructure funds (FIDEPPP, FIDEPPP2, BTP Impact Local, MCIF, CIF II), and has invested in more than 50 assets across Europe.

The team will continue to specialize in structuring and managing equity funds (including the existing ones) dedicated to investing in global greenfield and brownfield infrastructure assets with a focus on the transportation, utilities, digital infrastructure and social infrastructure sectors.

Vauban Infrastructure Partners will cater to institutional investors - including pension funds, insurance companies, financial institutions and family offices - across Europe and Asia. Vauban Infrastructure Partners will continue to consider long-term sustainability and ESG aspects as key determinants of long-term performance.

Jean Raby, CEO, Natixis Investment Managers, says, “The upcoming launch of Vauban Infrastructure Partners will make a substantial contribution to our alternative and real assets range.”

Gwenola Chambon, CEO, Vauban Infrastructure Partners, comments, “The creation of Vauban Infrastructure Partners is a natural step in our development and will help us to pursue further growth in a market where size matters.”

Mounir Corm, Deputy CEO, Vauban Infrastructure Partners,adds, “We aim to double our AUMs over the next years, building on our track record in delivering long-term value in infrastructure investments for our clients.”

With 855.4 billion euros worth of AUM and featuring 24 specialized investment managers, Natixis Investment Managers is one of the largest asset managers in the world. Vauban Infrastructure Partners will be structured as a partnership, emphasizing entrepreneurship and long-term alignment with investors.

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