Miss Kaya becomes the first licenced robo-advisor in Singapore

Miss Kaya
Miss Kaya

Miss Kaya has become the first licensed robo-advisor in Singapore, with Marvelstone Capital as its fund management company. Targeted specifically at women, it is an automated fund management platform, currently available to high net worth individuals, and will be available to retail investors in the near term.

Making reference to existing financial services, Gina Heng, founder of Miss Kaya, says that “the jargon, financial lingo, analogies, and more, all are designed to be relevant to those already familiar with finances. This makes it daunting for the modern woman to feel confident with their personal finances or feel eager to invest."

This is why Heng designed Miss Kaya as an all-in-one educational fintech platform, which introduces complexity as the user becomes more familiar with the financial implications they are faced with. Miss Kaya includes a personal budgeting service, an e-wallet, a Miss Kaya debit card, and a Robo-advisor investing tool.

The Robo-advisor itself is an automated advisor, operating on algorithms, taking into consideration the customer’s goals, risk appetite, and profile information, to develop a timeline with suggested recurring contributions. The customer can take these suggestions into account and modify as she feels fit, causing the Robo-advisor to reassess the outcomes. The Robo-advisor uses quantitative strategies developed by Heng’s years of experience in investment management, without the need for human advisors.

“Miss Kaya not only wants to help women in making successful decisions in investing” says Heng, “but also achieve confidence in managing their own finances and ultimately reaching their life goals.”