Asset Benchmark Research provides both syndicated and bespoke research in segments of financial markets that include fixed income, foreign exchange, structured products, cash management and trade finance depositary receipts.

We have an established track record in the following:

Performance measurement

The data allows the subscriber to accurately benchmark their performance against their competitors.

Client profiling

Subscribers are able to measure the efficacy of their client profiling using a range of metrics including client type, geographical location, turnover and assets under management.

Strengths and weaknesses

Subscribers evaluate their strengths and weaknesses against their internal analysis.

Resource allocation / key performance indicators

Subscribers use the data to assist in the appropriate allocation of their resources and KPI assessments.

Service improvements / action points

The surveys provide action points to enable subscribers to improve their products and services.

Industry trends

The large sample size means that subscribers are able detect significant industry trends and act quickly on them.

Ranked individuals

Subscribers receive client feedback on their sales, research and trading staff.

Customized searches

Asset Benchmark Research works closely with leading banks to identify new opportunities and client groups that need to be targeted.

To find out more about Asset Benchmark Research and our bespoke surveys, you can contact us for more details.