Custody Survey

Executive Summary

In light of the recent developments in the integration of Asia’s capital markets, Asset Benchmark Research conducted a survey assessing the current landscape and its implications for custodian banks in the summer of 2016. The project took place over July and August and surveyed 149 asset managers, institutional investors and other market participants from Asia concerning their interest cross-border market integration schemes and their expectations of the services offered by their custodian banks. The survey offers constructive lessons for custodian banks operating in this region.


Our dedicated team converses with respondents either by telephone interview or directing them to an online questionnaire. Face-to-face interviews may also be conducted. Because we speak directly to our respondents instead of merely passing on forms they can fill out, we provide an in-depth look into the perspective of asset managers that few others are capable of. Qualitative feedback and observations are transcribed and reported alongside quantitative output, giving subscribers detailed, actionable results.