The Asset ESG Corporate Awards

Executive Summary

The Asset ESG Corporate Awards offers a rigorous benchmarking service for listed companies with regard to corporate sustainability. The criteria used to assess the companies include a range of metrics of financial performance, which are also a proxy for gauging management acumen. Companies are also evaluated according to the quality of their governance, social responsibility, environmental responsibility and investor relations.


All companies achieving a threshold score in the relevant categories will be eligible for the awards. The awards entitle companies to display The Asset ESG Awards and the Asset Benchmark Research logos in their marketing materials. The award categories are::

The Asset Benchmarking Award will be presented for

  • Excellence in Environmental, Social, and Governance

In addition to the Benchmarking awards, The Asset gives special corporate initiative awards as well as awards honouring the best CEO and IR team.

  • The Asset Best Initiative in Innovation
  • The Asset Best Initiative in Social Responsibility
  • The Asset Best Initiative in Environmental Responsibility
  • The Asset Best Environmental Stewardship
  • The Asset Best Initiative in Diversity and Inclusion
  • The Asset Best Chief Executive Officer Award
  • The Asset Best Investor Relations Team Award

Applications can be made via submission following the guidelines in the rulebook.

The results will be published in an issue of The Asset and in
Our best wishes and looking forward to receiving your submissions.

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Awards Ceremony

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