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17th Asia Bond Markets Summit - China Edition
Rebalancing in the transition journey
May 2022

Following a strong recovery from the pandemic, China – the global growth engine – is facing a sharp slowdown. The economy is forecast to grow around 5.3% in 2022, from an expected 8% expansion in 2021, according to the government think tank Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Longer-term issues such as an ageing population, decarbonization and the continued and prolonged quantitative easing around the world will all have an impact on China’s growth trajectory. Regulatory reforms in several industries, persistent supply-chain disruptions and debt woes in the real estate sector are also adding to market concerns.

However, with greater index inclusion and continued opening to foreign capital, China’s linkage with global markets is deepening. In line with the global trend, the country is also pursuing a sustainable path to growth. At COP26, China followed up on its earlier commitments to hit peak emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060 with detailed action plans. This transition indicates that new infrastructure and sustainability-related investment would be key areas of growth. Indeed, the country’s new issuance of green and sustainable bonds reached US$68 billion by the end of October 2021, mainly supported by new government policy initiatives.

What’s the role Chinese assets could play in bringing resilience to strategic portfolios? With China shifting its growth model to a slower and more balanced circular economy, how could investors gain exposure to the Chinese sphere of growth? What’s next for Chinese offshore bonds as default rates reach record levels? With the rise of green, social and sustainability bonds, what should be done to harmonize regulations and information disclosure with international standards?

The Asset Events+, in partnership with leading financial and credit institutions, is pleased to be hosting the annual Asia Bond Markets Summit, China. Now in its second decade, the Asia Bond Markets Summit is the region’s preeminent fixed-income conference, bringing together issuers, investors, policymakers and other stakeholders involved in Asia’s bond markets.

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