Best Liability Management Adviser – You Decide

Four banks who have given their clients extra financial flexibility are up for the The Asset Triple A Regional Awards Best Liability Management Adviser - who deserves the crown?

The nominees for this year's Best Liability Management Adviser consists of four banks with proven ability to work with a wide variety of clients and to significantly reduce their financing costs and risk.

ANZ, for instance, during 2018 worked with the likes of ICBC Financial Leasing, Tata Motors and Thai Oil in crafting tailor-made liability management journeys. ICBC Financial Leasing's consent solicitation targeting of US$8.1 million outstanding notes was the largest ever deal of its kind in the Asia region.

Citi made headway in its liability management business, working with clients across the region spanning South Asia, Southeast Asia and North Asia with their respective deals. A notable deal for the bank was the Perusahaan Listrik Negara US$2 billion dual-tranche notes and accelerated any-and-all tender offer.

Also working on the ICBC Financial Leasing deal, HSBC is another contender for this award category, having been an active participant in liability management deals particularly in the Philippines. During the review period the bank worked with Filipino companies such as Globe Telecom, Vista Land and Petron Corporation. In fact, HSBC was sole coordinator in Petron Corporation's US$500 million new perpetual capital securities and tender offer.

Standard Chartered also made its mark in the Philippines and was able to work with the Republic of the Philippines in its accelerated switch tender offer last January 2018. The bank continued its work with sovereigns in Southeast Asia several months later assisting the Kingdom of Thailand with its switch of 100 billion baht worth of bonds. Outside of the sovereign clients, the bank worked with several key Thai corporates such as Thai Oil and PTT Global Chemical PCL.

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