Renewables developer Hanergy signs up for solar project in DRC
Hanergy wins order to build up to 400 MW of solar PV power plants in Central African country, starting with initial 20 MW project
17 Jul 2019 | Michael Marray

Beijing-based clean energy company Hanergy Thin Film Power Group Ltd has won an order to build up to 400 MW of solar photovoltaic (PV) power plants in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Hanergy announced on July 4.

Under a strategic partnership framework, Hanergy, the Ministry of Energy and Hydraulic Resources and the National Power Company of DR Congo will begin their cooperation with an initial 20 MW project.

The two parties, along with the Congolese energy utility Société nationale d'électricité National Power Company of DR Congo, will follow an Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Financing model to make joint efforts through project cooperation and technical exchange to consolidate and increase cooperation in the fields of electricity, water, renewable energy and fuel.

Via a programme of solar park installation, the government is looking to gradually reduce the energy scarcity faced by the mining sector in the provinces of Katanga, Lualaba, Kasai-Oriental, Kasai-Central, Kivu and Sankuru.

“The 400 MW solar power station project is primarily aimed at meeting the on-peak demand of nearby mining companies and reduce local diesel consumption, while reducing carbon emissions substantially,” explains Guo Bin, CEO of Hanergy Uganda Company.

The companies are expected to begin working together by December.

“Our strategic partnership with the global clean energy giant Hanergy is a step ahead towards meeting DRC’s original target of 65% electrification by 2025, let alone the new Sustainable Development Goals of universal electricity access by 2030,” says José Maboya Nzalingo, general secretary of Ministry of Energy and Hydraulic Resources.

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