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Who are the best individuals in the asset servicing industry?
More than 340 institutions asked for their top three choices in the year of the pandemic
24 Jun 2021 | The Asset Benchmark Research

The Asset Benchmark Research (ABR) announces the results of its inaugural Best Individuals in asset servicing ranking.

Covid-19 has pushed players in the asset servicing industry to be creative, flexible, and resilient in meeting their clients’ new and urgent needs. Faced with an unprecedented scenario, some individuals may have been caught ill-prepared, while others grabbed the opportunity to demonstrate the quality of their services.

In light of this extraordinary situation, ABR, for the first time, invited more than 340 financial institutions, including 184 asset managers, 66 financial intermediaries, 51 asset owners and 39 issuers, to nominate up to three individuals in the asset servicing industry who have serviced them well, during its annual asset servicing survey, “Asset Servicing Insights Asia”.

All verified nominations are weighted and ranked accordingly. Each individual is categorized into either asset and fund services, or issuer services, according to their areas of expertise.

Nearly 200 individuals across the region are nominated, and from those nominees, 33 are ranked eventually.

Since 2015, ABR has been conducting this annual survey to assess the asset servicing market landscape and its implications for custodian banks, fund administrators, trustees, and other asset service providers. The survey also forms an integral part of the evaluation process of The Asset Triple A Sustainable Investing Awards for Institutional Investor, ETF, and Asset Servicing Providers.

For the list of the best individuals in asset services ranking, please click here.

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