Year Of The Rat
11 Feb 2020 | Andrew Li
The Metal Rat Year indicates a challenging year filled with many potential pitfalls and traps. Fortunately, there are also positive stars that indicate big success for those empowered to succeed. Quarrelsome energies also afflict the world; so, the more patient and calmer you are, the higher your chances of doing well. The general economic atmosphere is entering a bearish cycle and the pace of growth will slow significantly. We will continue to see instability in the world markets and although there will be recovery towards the end of the year, we could see values in property, fuels, stocks  and shares and most commodities fall to a lower level.

The Rat
THE Grand Duke year for the rat. The rat is a popular, intelligent and flexible animal. He is able to make people around him feel relaxed and comfortable. This year is a good year for people working in PR and the media, especially when the company is in crisis. Many rats are also excellent writers and journalists and this year is a good year for them to reveal themselves to the reader. However, because of his talent he sometimes creates jealousy among his colleagues, especially the rabbit and goat. It is strongly suggested he should seek advice from those born under the sign of the ox, dragon and monkey since they are good friends with the rat. For health, a small operation may happen at the end of the year, but generally speaking the health condition is good. A GOOD year for those born under the years of 1960 and 1984 - it is time to make a change. Moving home is a good sign. Since this a Grand Duke year, in order to avoid bad chi affecting you for the rest of the year, you should make a short trip during CNY to some place with mild weather. However, if you cannot make it during that period of time, you can still make the trip before March 6. Lucky colours for this year are black and blue, and you should wear aquamarine or blue topaz for your health and career. Lucky numbers are 1 and 6.

The Ox
THE ox is a person full of responsibilities. He is a hardworking person, but sometimes he can be very stubborn and this can lead him into conflict with others. This year he is surrounded by a lot of lucky stars, he should open up his thoughts to others since the ox is a loner and often keeps his thoughts to himself. He should get along with those born under the sign of the rat, rabbit, snake, and rooster as this year he can get good support from them. Particularly, this is a good year for those born under the year of 1985 for getting married or considering to have a baby. For ox born under the years of 1961 and 1973 this is also a good year for them to earn some extra money from investment. For health, skin and high cholesterol are two significant signs that you should be aware of your health. Lucky colours for this year are purple and grey. I also would suggest to use amethyst and sugilite as your protector for this year. Lucky numbers are 7 and 9.
The Tiger
THE tiger is a strong- willed and determined person. He seems to have tremendous energy all the time. This year he can spend all his energy on travelling. He is highly in demand at work to continue travelling all the time. Even though he has leadership qualities, he may often delay making a critical decision this year due to criticisms from colleagues or the public. He should get help from the 3Rs (rat, rabbit and rooster) when facing a situation where he needs support. For health, back pain is the major issue he needs to pay attention to. Lucky colours for this year are blue and black. For travelling he needs to wear kyanite and diamond. Lucky numbers are 1 and 5.
The Rabbit
THE rabbit has an intelligent and peaceful character. He seems to have a calming influence on friends and colleagues when they have disputes. It may seem you are an arbitrator amongst your friends all the time. Also, you may find you will spend more money than last year, but fortunately you can cover all your expenses. Rabbits born in 1963 and 1975 will be particularly active this year since Grand Duke has slightly affected your daily life. The good thing is you have a lot of lucky stars protecting you, so you can drive through all the difficulties encountered this year. Help will come from people born under the sign of the goat, snake, pig, and ox. Lucky colours are white and blue. Moonstone and blue opal may enhance your work and income this year. Lucky numbers are 4 and 9.
The Dragon
THE dragon is a self-confident person. He may not be easy to get along with but will always try to maintain high standards in his work. This year he will try to be more ambitious in work. If he is the boss, you may find he does not suffer stupid people readily, especially those who criticize him in front of others. However, if you are a rabbit, pig, horse, or goat, you can get along with him and understand his attitude. The dragon has been tempted to become entangled in a legal matter and this has affected his emotion. He should try to talk to a rabbit friend so that he can release his worries this year. The dragon tends to have emotional  problems this year and it would be nice to join some interesting class such as yoga or calligraphy to release his pressure. Lucky colours are brown and blue. Lucky stones are smoky quartz and black rutilated quartz. Lucky numbers are 1 and 4.
The Snake
AFTER a busy and hardworking year, the snake can now enjoy his time to focus on sports activities again. It is time to develop new interests which you have never encountered before. You will find you are good at it. This is a relaxed year and you should spend more time travelling with your loved one or with a person born under the sign of the ox, dragon, rabbit, or rooster. Learning to cook is also another interest you can add to your list. For health, you may find you have small illness all the time; it may be irritating but not serious. Lucky  numbers are 1 and 7, lucky stones such as labradorite or amber can generate more power to use for this year. Lucky colours are yellow and black.
The Horse
A TOUGH year is in store for the horse since he has to involve himself in a lot of activities all the time. Even though he has a friendly and outgoing personality, he finds out that his personality cannot help him settle all his work. This year he needs to be careful about his investment; although he is not particularly bothered about accumulating big money, he may find he will come across serious financial problems. However, thanks to friends born under the sign of the tiger, horse, goat, and dog, he can always get help from them. Health condition is fine, but he needs to be careful in travel as he may be involved in a traffic accident, especially if born under the year of 1954. Grey and red are lucky colours to choose from, and 8 and 9 are lucky numbers for the horse this year. Lucky stone is gold rutilated quartz.
The Goat
A GREAT year is in store for the goat, at work and at home. This year he always gets the support and encouragement from his team mates since the goat prefers to work in a team rather than working alone. His social skills have made him become the centre of attention, and as a result he has an enjoyable time at parties and social gatherings. At home, he finds his balance in both life and work, and receives great recognition from his family. In addition to that, his rabbit, horse, pig, and goat friends from all around will give him great support and encouragement in all respects. However, you must pay more attention to your health, especially your heart and skin. Lucky numbers are 4 and 9. Lucky stone is garnet. Gold and black are your lucky colours.
The Monkey
THE monkey is a good organizer and has a lot of followers and admirers. He can always convince others to believe in him. A successful year at work will make him proud of himself. However, this year is a gossip year for the person born under this sign so he may find gossip will irritating and make him unhappy. Travelling may be a solution as he has to travel all the time. The more he travels, the less he feels unhappy. Also, his followers and friends will give him support when he is down. He is surrounded by the rat, dragon, rabbit, and dog this year and his social life is so fascinating he intends to spend more, but it may give him trouble in some months. Back pain is the main health condition that he needs to take care of. Lucky stone such as obsidian may be able to help his pain. Lucky colours are blue and black, and 1 and 6 are the lucky numbers for year 2020.
The Rooster
AFTER going through a peaceful year the rooster will face a challenging year ahead; many roosters will face an increase in workload but with good opportunities. This is also a year for spending and you have to keep watching your pocket otherwise you may end up in debt. It is also a good year for the rooster to go travelling and make new friends. Remember those born under the sign of the ox, dragon and snake will be a great help to you, especially for the female rooster in your career. It is also a good year for roosters born under the year of 1981 and 1993 to get married or have a baby. Skin problems are still irritating your health this year. Lucky numbers are 6 and 7, and lucky colours are gold and blue. Lucky stone is Citrine.
The Dog
PROBLEM solver is the name given to those born under the year of the dog. At work the dog can be stubborn but he is very direct and straight to the point. He is fair and is quite willing to listen to the views of others and tries to be fair in every decision. This year his social skills will make him win over a lot of business. He may have good opportunities for promotion to another level in the company. However, he needs to be very careful in signing every agreement and contract, otherwise he may end up in legal battles. Health condition is good except for his sleeping condition. Using rhodochrosite may help him to improve his sleeping problem. Lucky numbers are 5 and 6. Lucky colours are grey and yellow.
The Pig
THE pig is a hard and conscientious worker. He is also a reliable person when you are in need. This year is good for the pig to take professional examinations or further his education in another country. The year ahead is full of opportunities and advantages and you may enjoy the curiosity that this year brings to you. For those who are going through a tough year this is a great year to start a new relationship and you may find the relationship is so amazing that you want to keep it for the rest of your life. You may find those born under the sign of the goat, rabbit, dog, and tiger have great influence on your decisions this year. You may find you have small illness all the time this year and wearing labradorite will improve your health and immune system. Lucky colours are blue and brown, and lucky numbers are 3 and 4.